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Agreement on the use of the resource Homeangels.eu

Terms Used in the Agreement

Company – SIA Home Angels

Website, resource – Internet platform homeangels.eu

Administration - Company employees, as well as persons authorized by the Company in the management of Resources and the provision of the services to the Visitors, within the last use of the Site.

Services - a set of programs, data bases supplying functions of the Website, as well as a set of services to the Users within the use of the Website.

User – any natural person over 16 years of age using the Resource.

Specialist (professional) – a visitor who has passed the procedure of registration. Under present Agreement by the term Customer / Professional both authenticated users and unauthenticated users are designated.

Login – the User alias selected during the registration and used during the process of the Site application. It is prohibited to register and use more than one Login by the same Visitor.

Password - symbol combination, chosen by the User independently, and providing in conjunction with the login his authentication while using the Resource.

Specialist – a user who has passed testing procedure, in accordance with Section 3 of the Agreement.

Authenticated user – a user who has passed testing procedure in accordance with Section 4 of the Agreement.

Customer -a user who has passed registration procedure. A User or a Company having posted the task on the Site, in accordance with the rules of task posting and performing.

Task – an advertisement, posted on the Site by the Customer and addressed to the Specialist concerned.

Offer – an offer posted on the Site by the Specialist and addressed to the Customer.

Specialist selection – accepting of the offer by the Customer.

General Provisions

Present Agreement regulates the use of the Site, as well as the relationship arising from the use of the Site and Services by the visitors.

The Company does not guarantee the availability of the Site and its Services round the-clock. The Company has the right at any time to refuse any Visitor, including the User, to use the Site and the Services in case of violation of the Agreement: https://homeangels.eu.

The Company provides the Visitors and Users with private non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Site and the software presented on the Site, in accordance with present Agreement, provided that any Visitor / User or any other persons with the assistance of the Visitor / User will not commit the acts of:

  • copying or modifying the software of the Site, the Services; creating programs derived from the software of the Site and Services;
  • penetration into the software to obtain the software codes;
  • sale, assignment, lease, transfer to the third parties in any other form of rights with respect to the Site material and the software;
  • modification of the Site and Services, including with the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to it;
  • and other actions similar to those listed above and violating the rights of the Company and the third parties.

The Visitor / User is responsible for the respect for the rights (tangible and intangible) of the third parties to the information transferred (provided) to the Administration or the third parties by using the Site and the Services. The Users independently evaluate the validity of their use of the Site and the Services, including from the point of view of the country legislation, which they are residents of.

The User Registration

A person wishing to become a User of HomeAngels.eu service is obliged to get registered on the relevant page of the site.

During the registration the User is assigned to the selected by him/her pair: Login plus Password, which will be used in the future by the service HomeAngels.eu User. User login is the email address. Use of the email address is prohibited if:

  • it has already been used by another User;
  • it contains language insulting visitors, the Company, the Administration, the third parties.

The User chooses a password himself, but the Company strongly recommends to use the passwords having not less than six (6) characters and including both upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers.

The User is personally responsible for keeping password secret from the third parties. The Company does not bear any responsibility in case of violation of the rights of the User by the third parties having gained unauthorized access to a pair of Login plus Password of the Client / Specialist.

Specialist Testing

After the registration procedure is completed, the Specialist might pass a verification procedure, implying an interview with a representative of the Company in a form of video conference by Skype, as well as the provision of personal data to the Company, and their confirmation.

The Specialist shall apply for the verification procedure by clicking the button in his/her profile or by writing to the e-mail address info@homeangels.eu. For this the Specialist shall have the passport or ID card. Personal profile posting in some service categories is not recommended without verification process.

Status of a verified specialist can be withdrawn from the User without any explanation at any time at the discretion of the Administration.

Rights and Obligations of Users and Visitors

Any resource Visitor has a right to use the following services:

a) browsing of audio-visual materials, photographs, listening to the soundtracks uploaded by the Users, which are available for viewing and listening in accordance with present Agreement;

b) other services the access to which is provided by the Company acting through the Administration.

Additionally the User has the right to:

a) create the tasks and select the Specialist for the task performing;

b) submit the complaints of the violations of the Agreement by the Users to the Administration;

c) use other services, the access to which is provided by the Company acting through the Administration.

Responsibility of the Users and Visitors

The Visitors shall be held responsible for their actions / omissions while using the Resource and Services.

The Visitors ensure that the use of the Resources and Services will be carried out by them in a manner not violating the rights of the third parties.

The visitors ensure that all personal information provided by them is accurate and they carry personal liability for the content of this information.

By posting the information, the User agrees that his personal data is stored in the database of homeangels.eu service in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The Visitors ensure that they have the rights to use the materials posted by them on the site

The User, Company, society or group of individuals, posting the advertisements, in the common interest, is allowed to have no more than one registration (account).

The Visitors are obliged to adhere to present Agreement.

In case of the Agreement violation by the Users, the Administration reserves the right for the temporarily restriction of the Visitor’s access to the Website and Services (temporary ban), and in the event of a serious and / or repeated violations of the Agreement to refuse access to the Services and Website (permanent ban).

The resource User is solely responsible for the security of passwords and other confidential information.

The User, in his work, is obliged to respect and adhere to all the legal documents regulating the relations between parties while providing services to both individuals and legal entities.

The Rules of Task Posting and Performing

The Users may post the tasks on the Website.

It is prohibited to post the tasks aiming at:

a) attracting the users to other resources, sites, or user registration on such resources, sites;

b) advertising their goods and services or goods and services belonging to the third parties;

c) twisting or change of the sites statistics, the number of subscribers in social networks;

d) ordering of automatic or manual sending of invitations and messages to the users of social networks, emailing of newsletters;

e) the provision of services in distribution of the Customer goods;

f) the provision of sexual services.

Task constitutes an advertisement addressed to the Specialists. It allows to make offers on the Site. Task posting is a payable service.

Task posting fee is charged according to the Website rates.

The Specialists post their offers on the published tasks.

The Customer performs Specialist selection within the time period specified at the time of the creation of the task.

After selection of the Specialist is over, the Service provides the Customer and the Specialist with the contact details of each other, notably with the telephone numbers specified by the User during the registration.

Since the selection of the Specialist, the Customer and the Specialist are considered as entered into the Agreement for the provision of services / works.

Amendment of the task terms by the Customer is possible only up to the publication of the first offer.

Upon the fulfilment of the obligations under the Agreement, the Specialist acknowledges the performance of the task with the help of the Website services.

The Customer is obliged to confirm the fact of the services / work completion and to provide a feedback on the work of the Specialist. The Specialist is prohibited to entrust the performance of the tasks to the third parties, including their spouses, children, relatives and friends.

Public Messages Service and Feedback

The User is granted an access to the Service public posts (comments).

The public message service implies the possibility of posting the messages by the User on the Website pages, which are available for viewing by all Users visiting the relevant page of the Site.

Users visiting the relevant page of the Site are prohibited from posting public messages:

  1. violating the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, the rules of international law;
  2. containing advertising information, spam, "pyramid" schemes, "chain letters";
  3. which are unlawful, harmful, threatening, offending morality, slanderous, violating copyrights, propagandizing hatred and / or discrimination against people based on race, ethnicity, gender, social grounds;
  4. containing links to the websites owned by the User or the third parties;
  5. including contact information (phone number, social networking accounts or instant messaging services);
  6. infringing the rights of the third parties;
  7. commenting the task amount;
  8. not related to the commented tasks.

The Administration has the right at any time to remove any public reports, both compliant to the Agreements and violating the Agreement. The User violating the Agreement, may get a "ban" on a permanent or a temporary basis.

Order Ensuring

In the event of any dispute between the Customer and the Specialist on the task executing, they are resolved by the Administration.

Users agree that the Administration has the right to implement any necessary action on the basis of the results of the dispute consideration. Decision of the Administration is final and is not a subject to appeal.

Special Conditions

The Company does not guarantee that the software of the Site Services is free from the errors or will operate uninterrupted.

The Company does not incur any liability for the decisions taken by the Administration in resolving conflicts between the Users, including the returned verdict.

The Company is not responsible for the loss or other damage caused to the User due to the actions of the third parties.

The Company reserves the right to remove from its servers any information or materials that the Company believes, are unacceptable, undesirable or violating present Agreement.

The Company does not monitor the information, services and products that are in or are offered by means of the Internet.

Consequently, the User accepts the condition, according to which all goods, information and services offered or available through the Service or in the Internet (except those expressly designated as provided directly by the Company), are provided by the third parties not connected with the Company.

The User assumes full liability and risks for the Services and the Internet use.

The Company does not provide any guarantees for the goods, information and services provided through the Services or the Internet.

The Company will not be liable for any costs or damages directly or indirectly resulting from such distributions. The User accepts the condition according to which he/she accepts the responsibility for evaluation of the accuracy, completeness and suitability of all opinions, assessments, services and other information, the quality and functions of the goods offered by the Service or the Internet network in general.

Applicable Law

All relations between the Company and the Visitors shall be governed exclusively by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. In case of violation of the laws of the Republic of Latvia, the Visitor assumes full administrative and criminal liability.

Annex Nr.1 to the Agreement on the Use of Service «Homeangels.eu». Privacy Regulations

Present Privacy Regulations (hereinafter - the "Rules") are an integral part of the Agreement on the use of Service «Homeaangels.eu» by the individuals (hereinafter - the "Agreement").

The terms and definitions used in present Rules are similar to the terms and concepts used in the main text of the Agreement.

Using the Resource, as well as the Services and including those provided by the Company, the Visitor and / or the User expresses his /her consent with the given rules.

In case of refusal of the Visitor and / or the User from compliance with given Rules, he/she is obliged to terminate the use of the resource.

The rules apply to all services offered by the Company through Homeangels.eu and Homeangels.lv domains.

The Concept of Confidential Information

We treat as confidential any personally - identifying information received by the Company from the Visitor and / or the User during his/her session with the Company website and / or using the Services provided by the Company.

This information, if necessary, can be used for the contacts with the User and / or the Visitor, both online and in other ways.

Personal information is an integral part of the confidential information provided by the User and / or the Visitor on a voluntary basis and with his/her consent.

It is optional to provide personal information in order to gain access to the Company resource, but in this case the access to some parts of the Service may be unavailable.

Posting of Personal Information by the User While Using the Resource

The User may, as he/she wishes, provide any personal information to the third parties while using the Resource. Such information is considered as publicly accessible information, and therefore, the Company is not responsible for the consequences of such actions of the User.

The Use ensures that the information provided to the third parties and the Company does not:

  1. contain false, inaccurate or misleading information;
  2. support fraud, deception or breach of trust;
  3. violate or infringe upon the property of a third party, its trade secrets or the right for privacy;
  4. urge to commit a crime, and incite ethnic hatred;
  5. contain information insulting someone's honor, dignity or business reputation, slander or threats to anyone else;
  6. be obscene, or of pornography or erotic character;
  7. profile photo shall be a real picture of the User. It is prohibited to use pictures and photos of other individuals as profile photographs.
  8. contain computer viruses and other computer programs, aiming, in particular, at causing harm, at unauthorized intrusion, at secret interception or data assignment;
  9. contain advertising materials;
  10. otherwise violate applicable law.

Collection and Storage of Confidential Information

The Company provides collection, storage and use of confidential information in strict compliance with present Rules. The Company takes all necessary measures in order to provide proper storage and use of the obtained information.

Collecting of confidential information is conducted automatically when visiting the resource and using the Services and the Company Service, as well as when filling in the proposed forms by the User and / or the Visitor.

The Company makes every effort to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the confidential information, as well as the risk of improper use, however, does not bear any responsibility in case of access to the confidential information by the third parties.

In the event of any disputes regarding the use of the resource and services of the Company, as well as in any other cases stipulated by the Agreement on the use of «HomeAngels.eu» Resource or current legislation of the LR, the User and / or the Visitor agrees to provide the Company with personal information, upon its request, including in written form. The Company reserves the right to store all the confidential information concerning the User within 5 years after the rejection of the use of «HomeAngels.eu» Resource by the User, including variable and changed personal data.

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