How to order service?

Step1: Create the task

There are two ways of task posting:

  1. If you are not registered as a User, simply click the "Post a job" button in the menu or on the main page. There you can create a task and get automatically registered on the portal (the password will be sent to the specified e-mail address).
  2. If you are registered as a User, go under your credentials and select the item "Post a job" in the user menu or press the corresponding button on the page of your personal cabinet:

In your own words describe the essence of your task and select the appropriate task category.

The more explicit you describe your task, the less clarifying questions you will be asked by the Specialists.

Step2: Task distribution

After the publication, the notification of your task will be sent to all specialists who are interested in the execution of the tasks in your region with relation to the category of work.

Step 3: Selection of a specialist

The specialists interested in your offer will leave their proposals and you will be able to see them in your personal cabinet. Upon receiving a proposal from the Specialist, a notification will come to your e-mai address or by means of the sms.

You can view the profiles of the respondents and request their contacts in accordance with the resource rates.

You can also choose the Specialists from our database and request their contacts.

Step 4: Feedback

After the task completing, or if the Specialist has refused to work without valid excuse, you can leave your feedback and assessment on his profile page. All your responses are checked by the portal Administration and after moderation they appear next to the profile of a Specialist who was performing your task or who provided service for you. Your feedback concerning the specialist will be available to the portal visitors and will form the rating of a Specialist or a company.

In case you do not have time to evaluate the work of a Specialist, the representatives of the service will contact you and write down your comments about the specialist from your words.

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