Frequently asked Questions

How to receive the newsletter on the categories of interest?

When completing a personal profile of a Specialist, select the categories of the tasks you will be interested in performing and subscribe to them. You will receive notifications on any new orders from the specified sections. It is important to specify only those categories and subcategories in which you can perform the tasks qualitatively.

How to specify the cost of the services?

To make it easier for the Customers to have an understanding of the costs of your services, create your own price list in the section "Services and prices". Do not save space! Describe in detail the range of the services provided and the range of prices. Specify the cost of one hour of your work or, if you anticipate total employment at one customer for a long period, a fixed payment per month. This type of pricing is very relevant for the professionals engaged in the field of home staff.

Indicating the price for your services, try to specify the lower limit of your price range. Remember, that the Customer has his own budget and that all price issues will be resolved through the negotiations.

The main thing is for your profile to be noticed, the links with you to be established, your skills and experience to be appreciated.

By indicating too high price, you reduce by 40% the noticeability of your profile and the probability of being chosen by the Customer.

Do I need to add my photo?

A very important part of the ideal specialist profile is a photography. Specialist of any category may have a photo: if you are a handyman, upload the photos of the works performed by you, If you a beauty industry specialist - attach a photo of the work executed. Are you specializing in the apartment cleaning or in the field of home staff? Show the result of the work by using the pictures "before" and "after" cleaning. If you are engaged in transport services, upload the photos of the transport, used by you to provide services for the transportation of goods or passengers.

The following is very important for the nanny services. Never post photos with your pupils, as the publication of the children photographs without the consent of the parents is prohibited by law. It is very important to post your photo in the profile of a specialist. It increases your chances of getting the order by 30%

If you encounter difficulties in posting your photo in the profile, you can always request the administrators of the portal for assistance.

Why isn’t my profile displayed in the search?

After the form is filled in, it is sent for moderation.

Only after the administration verifies the correctness of filling in the profile, it will become available on the site.

Besides that, profiles of the users who have not confirmed their email are not displayed in the search.

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